The Most Fluffy and Buttery Biscuits Ever | September 18, 2023


Not mine.

I am simply sharing the amazingness of this biscuit recipe (or what we thought was amazing; you may think otherwise)

Texture of these biscuits

Their texture is tender and more dense and doughy in the center.


If you’re expecting flaky biscuits, please tame your expectations!

What we thought
Joanna Gaines is brilliant. I wish I could take credit for these fluffy, buttery biscuits but I owe all the credit to her.

These biscuits were beyond anything I’ve ever tasted from a biscuit. In fact, these biscuits reminded me of biscuits you get at a southern cafe or a fried chicken fast food place.

I know you might think that it’s demeaning to compare homemade biscuits to a fast food place but I think that’s what she was going for.


She wanted you to be able to make the buttery, tender, fluffy biscuits you get at fast food places or restaurants right in your own home.

About the most fluffy and buttery biscuits ever!
Joanna Gaines certainly achieved what she set out to do. These biscuits were melt in your mouth and I could not get enough of them.

At first I thought I was going to halve this recipe, because it said it made 20, and I’m so glad I didn’t because that would have been a terrible decision.


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