Homemade Cinnamon Rolls | August 2, 2023


Freshly baked cinnamon rolls drizzled with vanilla glaze. A special breakfast treat that you can make from scratch in less time than you think. Using instant yeast allows you to cut down the rising time dramatically

Table of Contents
Use instant dry yeast
Make the dough
Rolling out and shaping
Make the filling
Allow time to rise
During baking
Drizzle on the glaze
The advantage of using instant-rise yeast
Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

This cinnamon rolls recipe creates soft pillowy bread filled with a brown sugar spread. Don’t waste your money on Cinnabon when you can make a homemade version that tastes better. Sometimes working with yeast-leavened baked goods may feel intimidating or look time-consuming, but I’ll show you the science behind the process in the formula below.

The good news is now, with technology on our side, manufacturers have created an instant-rise yeast to save us time in the kitchen. Compressed fresh yeast or active dry yeast requires proofing or multiple fermentation steps. However, with the instant version, you only have to let it rise after shaping it for 30 minutes instead of hours.


Use instant dry yeast

I use instant dry yeast for this recipe, also known as rapid-rise yeast. The most important thing to remember is that yeast is alive, just dormant in a dried state. That means it’s susceptible to high heat and can lose its rising power if combined with a too-hot liquid.

Gradually heat the mixture of sugar, butter, water, and milk between 120 to 130°F (49 to 54°C). Yeast dies at temperatures of 138ºF (59ºC) and above. Keep an instant-read thermometer handy to monitor the temperature; this step is critical for a successful rise. Combine this warm liquid with one package of instant dry yeast (2 ¼ teaspoons), flour, and salt.


Make the dough

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