Banana bread in a jar | July 30, 2023

A few years in the past I wrote approximately how one in all my home made baking recipes can also be premixes in jars. It is often sufficient to pre-measure the dry ingredients of a recipe.
Today I’m sharing another example of how this strategy works using a banana bread recipe I’ve been using for lots years – however nowadays I’m turning it right into a banana bread recipe in a jar !
For this banana bread blend in a jar, I began out with the aid of using including the flour to the jar first,followed by the smaller ingredients of baking powder, baking soda, and salt, then a layer of sugar.
If you try and upload powdered or unfastened components like flour or white sugar over a layer of nuts or chocolate chips, they’ll subsequently sift and create a messier look. That’s why I finish the jar with a layer of nuts and chips on top.


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