Apple Dumplings | August 1, 2023


Apple Dumplings are some of the best pastry-style desserts ever created. With only 7 ingredients, this easy apple dumpling recipe is the best and most flavorful of them all!

I don’t know, how much do you follow food blogs? If you love them, you will surely have seen the beautiful blog Will Cook for Smiles at least once. I’m not telling you this just because you can find great recipes on this blog, but because I have always loved the name of this blog!

And I remembered this adorable name after my husband tried this adorable Apple Dumplings for the first time. He was so delighted with the taste that in one moment, he said that he had tried nothing better in his life and kissed me on the cheek. Wooow! And while I still heard the ringing of the kiss in my ears, I thought of a great name for some future food blog – „Will cook for kisses“.
Now it was completely clear to me why the photos for this recipes were so popular on my Pinterest boards. Whenever I would put a photo for Apple dumplings on some of the boards, they would usually have an unbelievable number of shares by my Pinterest friends. „But, what’s up with that?“ I asked myself hundreds of times looking at the photos. The photos were by no means special.

Only one bite of this piquant dessert solved all of the mysteries. It was not about the looks, but about the wonderful taste. This is really something so good that I immediately concurred with my husband. „Vera, Apple Dumplings are part of our standard menu from now on.


How to Make Apple Dumplings with 7Up:

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