Yellow stripes in the bathroom? With this method, you will actually eliminate them! | May 8, 2024


There is nothing more unpleasant than yellow stains on the toilet bowl. However, this is not only a purely visual issue, but also strictly related to hygiene. So how can we solve this problem? Here are some simple tips!

lemon and vinegar
The lemon-vinegar combination can be useful not only in cooking, but in many other areas. Among the thousand uses, it is worth highlighting that of removing yellow stains from the toilet bowl. You can use a spray bottle or spray with three quarters vinegar and one quarter lemon juice (make sure it is well strained from the seeds and pulp).

At this point, just spray it on the bathroom strips and wait at least a few hours. Once the necessary time has passed, let’s make a little effort and we will see our bathroom as new!

Goodbye yellow stains in the bathroom with baking soda and Marseille soap
Two other elements widely used in household chores are Marseille soap and sodium bicarbonate. Combined, they can be perfect for bathroom yellow lines.


Simply spread the baking soda over the yellowed areas and wait for it to adhere completely. Then add a few flakes of Marseille soap diluted in a little water (be careful not to drop the bicarbonate).

You have to leave everything for at least one night and that’s it!

Citric acid
Citric acid is also very useful for this purpose. Also in this case it is an excellent product for several reasons. As for the yellow sanitary tapes, simply dissolve about 150 to 200 g of product in about a liter of water and mix. There will have to be a single solution.


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