Whole Wheat Cloverleaf Dinner Rolls | August 6, 2023



A holiday feast is not complete without some freshly baked bread. Don’t you look forward to grabbing a warm roll and slathering creamy butter on each bite? Luckily these whole wheat cloverleaf dinner rolls have a little extra fiber and are tender and delicious.

Making rolls from scratch is not difficult, they are really fun to make! If you have some extra helpers in the kitchen or kiddos who like to bake, they will love rolling each portion of dough to make the bread. Keep reading to see how these simple and delicious rolls are made.


The coolest thing about making yeasted bread is watching the little clumps of dough transform, puff up and grow. You know you’ve got a light and flavorful bread just waiting to be browned in the oven.

I use RapidRise yeast, and it cuts the rising steps in half, saving you time! Each tin contains 3, 1-inch sized dough balls that rise for about 30 minutes covered in a warm spot in your cozy kitchen. Looking at the picture above, see how they have more than doubled in size from left (before) and right (after). They are ready for the finishing touches!

I like to brush the tops of the bread before baking with egg wash. It gives a beautiful, gorgeous shiny golden brown top and look stunning when you remove them from the tin. You can top these cloverleaf rolls with poppy or sesame seeds, or both!


These rolls are hot and fresh out of the oven in under 15 minutes. Warning! Your fingertips may get slightly burned because you won’t be able to resist “sampling” a roll or two right from the pan. It’s hard to be patient and let them cool. It’s worth it, trust me.

You are going to look like a baking pro when you place these little rays of sunshine on the table. Just smile and soak up the compliments, you deserve it, chef! Baking makes my soul happy. Especially making these rolls, they are like mini pull-apart bread. I like to break apart each section and savor each nibble. They have a nice chew, denser in texture, and won’t leave you hungry after the meal.

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