Top Five Military MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat) Ever Created | June 3, 2023

Military MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat) bring together members of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Air Force through a shared experience. Regardless of your branch or rank, chances are you have had the opportunity to swap out chicken a la king for one of these delectable MREs. Continue reading to discover the most delicious MREs of all time.


1.) Chili Mac

Chili Mac has earned the well-deserved reputation as the ultimate MRE of all time!

While there have been numerous jokes circulating about dreadful MREs (as seen below), Chili Mac has managed to maintain its status as a perennial favorite over the years.

  • Meals Rejected by Everyone
  • Meals Rarely Enjoyed
  • Meals Rejected by the Enemy
  • Meals Refusing to Exit

But when it comes to Chili Mac, none of these acronyms apply. Its consistent appeal and delectable taste make it a standout among MRE enthusiasts.


2.) Beef Ravioli

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