This “Offensive” Harley Davidson Billboard Has Caused Quite The Controversy | September 18, 2023

Every so often, billboards rub people the wrong way. Perhaps, they are trying to educate people on a controversial topic. Or maybe they’re simply trying to draw the eyes of drivers from the road and to what they have to offer. But now one Harley-Davidson billboard has sparked controversy across the country because of its “offensive” language that rubbed many people the wrong way.


The ad was simple. It urged people to drive away on a Harley and live a more courageous life.
The tagline was this:

“Leave all the bulls**t in the wind behind you.”

The ad was written by the Bayside Harley Davidson dealer in Portsmouth and was supposed to speak to people who would be inclined to buy a bike and hit the road. The general manager of the dealership, Shawn Robinson, loved the tagline and wished that people wouldn’t be so sensitive to the curse word used in the ad.
“You do put everything behind you when you get on a bike. You let all the daily bs, the boss, the wife, the kids. I mean, it goes away, so it’s a true saying.”



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