Southern Chocolate Cobbler | August 4, 2023


Calling for only six ingredients, this Southern chocolate cobbler couldn’t be easier to make! I’m sure you’ve tried fruit cobbler recipes before, but this chocolate one offers a change of pace.

Rich and fudgy, this indulgent Southern chocolate cobbler dessert is sure to impress everyone who is lucky enough to taste it. It’s incredible with whipped cream or, my favorite, vanilla ice cream! And so is this keto apple crisp!

It is a dream to make if you’re looking for something to whip up quickly and easily. Some ingredients are mixed, while the others are layered on top and then you simply bake it in the oven.


When you start to smell the incredible aroma, that means it’s nearly done, so grab bowls, spoons, and vanilla ice cream and get ready to be amazed at the flavor of this wonderful cobbler.

I also like to bake this Boston cream pie cake when chocolate cravings hit. I just love the rich chocolate ganache topping.

Main Ingredients

There are only 6 ingredients in this easy recipe along with water and whatever you are planning to serve with it. These are the main ingredients needed:


Cocoa powder: For a perfect chocolate flavor. Use unsweetened cocoa powder in this recipe for the best results. Cocoa gives a rich taste to the cobbler. You might want to add a handful of chocolate chips (any type) for an extra chocolate appeal!

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