Savory Hand Pies | August 9, 2023



Hot and flaky, these savory hand pies are such a wonderfully cozy treat to warm up with on a chilly day. Prepared with a rich and saucy beef filling, simmered with diced potatoes and vegetables, tucked into store-bought puff pastry and baked until golden, these delectable hand pies are a comforting grab-and-go lunch, or light dinner!

Hand Pies with a Savory Slant
As the days turn cooler, my appetite turns to warm, cozy recipes that offer lots of comfort to my soul…

Rich, hearty stews, hot soups, creamy pot pies, and flaky hand pies begin to beckon with their slow-simmered aroma and simple, earthy ingredients that thoroughly warm the belly—they feel like love in food form!


These savory hand pies are a delicious, new treat that my husband and I have been enjoying lately…

The simplicity of the ingredients and the preparation makes these hand pies a fantastic offering as a light meal anytime we’re craving a bit of extra TLC.

Prepared with a rich filling of ground beef, diced potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, peas and a sprinkle of fresh thyme enveloped in good quality, store-bought puff pastry, these golden, flaky hand pies are a deliciously hot, rustic little morsel to cozy up with!


My Recipe for Savory Hand Pies
Seeing as I’m a big fan of store-bought puff pastry sheets, I love finding various ways of using them for not only sweet presentations, but savory ones as well.

These savory hand pies are a terrific use for puff pastry, because they offer a semi-homemade slant to this comforting offering, and make the process nice and easy without the added preparation of a homemade dough.

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