The best Crepes ever | May 28, 2024

Morning pancakes are perfect for stuffing a big appetite. This colorful, circular dessert is the ideal way to start a dinner party since it pulls everyone together at the table. Milk and whey are the standard pancake components, while kefir and other dairy products aren’t often utilized. For today’s dish, try yoghurt pancakes; they’re delicious and nutritious, just like pancakes prepared with any other dairy. Because yogurt pancakes are so soft, elastic, and easy to twist with filling, they go wonderfully with honey, jam, or condensed milk.
Where food comes from
The ancient Egyptians, in the fifth century BC, made sour cakes that were comparable to modern-day pancakes but baked on stones. In addition, ancient Chinese cuisine often featured filling little rice cakes. The term “pancake” originates from the Ukrainian word “pani” due to the fact that flour was formerly ground from grains on a stone millstone-equipped “mlyny” (Russian mill). A contemporary Slavic staple, pancakes come in a plethora of variants.
Two hundred milliliters of fruit-free yogurt and three hundred grams of wheat flour are required.
Hydrogen vapor, one hundred milliliters
Chicken egg – 4 pcs.
Add 0.3 tablespoons of salt to taste.
Vegetable oil—three tablespoons and fifty grams.
A quarter of a teaspoon of soda.

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