Indulge Without Guilt: Recipe for a Flourless, Oven-Free, Eggless Delight! | May 14, 2024


21 ounces of biscuits
4.2 oz of sugar
Of cocoa powder, two ounces
Pretty about one cup of milk
A two-ounce butter
One little vanilla bean


One-third of an ounce dark chocolate
5 fluid ounces of 33% cream
Having our components, let’s explore the wonders of creation!

The Foundation: A Flavor Symphony
Picture your kitchen smelling of chocolate and hearing cookies break under your fingertips. We started our flourless, oven-free, eggless cake journey there. The cookies are first crumbled and put aside. We next combine sugar and cocoa powder in a pot to make a rich, chocolaty mixture. We add butter and milk, cook until thickened, giving sweetness to every molecule. A last touch of vanilla essence takes the tastes to new heights.


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