Banana Cream Pie | September 18, 2023


This is the best banana cream pie recipe to serve during the holidays! Each slice has a fluffy topping of whipped cream and crunchy almonds on a flaky, buttery crust with vanilla bean custard.

Table of Contents
Making a sturdy pie crust
Fully bake the pie dough
Make a creamy vanilla custard
Temper to prevent curdling
Fill and chill
Making the whipped cream
Serve this with
Frequently asked questions
Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Making homemade banana cream pie from scratch is worth the effort. I like to break the recipe into three parts; flaky crust, custard filling, and whipped cream to make each task more straightforward. I usually make the pie dough a day in advance so that you can just roll and shape it the next day.

The luscious vanilla pudding can be a little tricky, but don’t worry. I’ll guide you to prevent the delicate eggs from curdling with tips guaranteeing a smooth and sliceable filling. Adding a blanket of fresh bananas over the crust produces bursts of sweet fruit flavors. Generously covering the filling with a mound of cream provides a pleasant surprise underneath.


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