Always wash immaculate laundry with the secret button on the washing machine: you never click it | May 19, 2024


To always get impeccable laundry, you can use the secret button trick.

The washing machine, a device used by everyone to be able to wash clothes, contains features that some people are not aware of. There are various methods and tricks to achieve flawless laundry.

An infallible method for professional laundry is to use a secret button in the washing machine tray. To know how to have shiny laundry, I recommend you read what is reported.

Impeccable laundry
The perfect laundry, clean, fragrant and perfectly disinfected, is the dream of every housewife. To get a good wash , you just need to take small precautions. Whether in the washing machine or by hand, laundry should always be organized by color and fabric. Before washing, it is necessary to empty the pockets, close all zippers, turn the clothes inside out, unbutton the buttons and the various hooks in the clothes to be washed.


In this sense, it makes sense to order garments of the same color and fabric to avoid discoloration or shrinkage of the cloths. It is also important to wash the dirtiest clothes separately, which usually require hot water and special products.

With a few simple steps you can have clean and fragrant towels. Good laundry should always be washed according to the instructions on the label of the different garments so as not to ruin the clothes. To follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions , you first need to know how to read the different laundry symbols .

The different fabrics should be washed at a different temperature, and some should be washed by hand rather than in the washing machine for perfect preservation and care. It must be said that the addition of natural or chemical fabric softener keeps the cloths softer and fresher.


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