Salisbury Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes | September 18, 2023


How many of you love to go to IKEA?

I could count quite a number of hands!!

Whenever I visit IKEA, I can’t help feeling that I see more people in the restaurant than the furniture department. Seriously guys, how many of you, in reality go to IKEA not to buy furniture but to eat the meatballs?

I have to admit that the Meatballs at IKEA are good enough and the gravy is good too, but these meatballs below are WAY better than those from IKEA.


I may sound biased here, but truthfully these Salisbury Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes were yummy and the gravy was SO delish! Well, at times you just can’t beat homemade stuff right?

Talking about home-made, I have been on a roll recently. Cooking almost every single day and the house smells delightful and I’ve probably pushed some of my neighbors nuts already. I have been posting a lot of food pictures on Facebook too. I question how many people would have already blocked me by now. ????


These meatballs used really basic ingredients, thus making it really simple to make. The sauce is also really easy. I served them with mashed potatoes. Well, meatballs and mash are just like best friends since birth. You need that mash to soak up all that gravy and nothing is more satisfying than a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes with delicious gravy. Pure comfort food right here! ????

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