How to wash and polish tiles without leaving marks? | May 2, 2024


Tiles in your home can become dirty and change color over time. If you want to find alternatives to classic cleaning products, you can use the essential natural methods to clean the tiles and restore their shine. We have what you need.

Cleaning your floor or wall tiles every day can be quite easy. However, this task can become a real problem if dirt gets stuck or its color changes and fades over time. With these little grandmother’s tips, based on simple products and natural ingredients, you can easily clean your tiles and restore their shine.

What are the main methods to clean your tiles and make them shine?
It is important to maintain the tiles of the house so that it retains its original appearance for as long as possible. Dirt and mold can build up, particularly in the joints. Instead of using chemicals that can damage materials, opt for these simpler tips to keep them looking new.

White vinegar, an excellent tile cleaner
White vinegar – Source: spm


For cleaning and disinfecting, white vinegar is a great ally. Applied to old tiles, this product gives floors and walls a second life. To do this, simply pour a glass or two of this product into a bucket of hot water before submerging the mop in it. Then clean all floor and wall tiles with this solution. White vinegar not only removes the dirt and dust that accumulates on the tiles, but also gives them a real shine.

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